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Free Consultation

***Announcement*** We are currently full for the school year of 2023-2024. However, we still accept our waitlist after tour and interview. Please expect us to contact you in 2 weeks and we will make a schedule for our first in-person/virtual meeting in the open house. 

Joyful Journey’s first and foremost priority is to take great care of all our beautiful children. This often leads to teachers and staff having very busy and full schedules. However, we also understand that first time parents may have a lot of questions, concerns and requests for their children. We understand and want to answer all parent questions to make them feel as comfortable with Joyful Journey’s Childcare’s service. For us to be as efficient and thorough a possible in answering your questions, please fill out this form and submit it via email to Joyful Journey prior to calling us to make a Consultation appointment. This will help us know what your general concerns and questions ahead of time, and will allow us to provide as much information as possible for you ahead of time.


Please complete the form to request a FREE consultation.

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